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The Park

Pump track!

The pump track designed by Velosolutions, It is an up to 2 meters wide track for mountain bike- and BMX-riders consisting of rollers and banked turns.

The layout consists of continuous loops with different combinations, so that the biker can ride as long as his physical fitness allows him to. 

The rollers are used to generate speed and with the right body movements, the whole track can be ridden endlessly without pedaling. If a pump track is built properly, advanced riders will be able to jump from roller to roller, rather than just pumping and riding over them

Skate Bowl!

The skate bowl designed by Motion Skatepark is the deepest on the Island, with 270cm deep/9ft with 30cm/1ft of vert. The shallow end will be 170cm/5.5ft with no vert.

Street Skate!

The street skate designed by Motion Skatepark is the most unique on the island, it designed around the restaurant with variety of difficult levels.

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